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I'm sure there's tons out there! What are some moments in games that came out of nowhere, were just so bizarre, or ridiculous that you may have actually said "What the fuck?" out loud.

My first ever one came when I was playing Digital Devil Saga 2. I can't remember the exact context, but there were two women discussing the character Sera. One of them didn't seem to have any regard for Sera's well being at all when the other one exclaims "But she's your daughter! Made from your own sperm and egg!". I seriously thought I had heard that completely wrong but, nope, turns out Sera's bitch mom is a hermaphrodite.

I really think some of the boss climbs in Catherine are really out there, but especially the Child with a Chainsaw.

I actually found this both funny and super awkward, but I know a lot of people were taken aback by Shadow Kanji:

I watched Two Best Friends play Heavy Rain and I couldn't believe how rapey nearly all of Madison's scenarios were, but the crowning moment is if, after entering this dude's house, she accepts the drink.
I don't even want to know what happens if you fail that one. *shudders*

Oh, and this one was totally my fault, but I heard about a game that got a fan translation called Dramatical Murder. I was warned it was a BL game, but I decided to not look like a chump and ask what that stood for. Big mistake. I found out soon enough it stood for "Boys Love" when my character got gang raped. I was through with it after that xD
Katamari Damacy. The whole game is one big ol' WTF moment.

But seriously, a real moment for me came when playing Persona 4
And that's it.

Another moment came in Heavy Rain.
Dude, FUCK that Catherine stage boss. I seriously cannot beat him for the life of me and UGH RAGE MODE!
Yo everyone, please add spoiler tags for your paragraphs and related video.
And how would I do spoiler tags?

Because I really want to vent out my rage on Star Ocean: (Bad)Till The End of the Time
(11-13-2012 04:45 AM)Snake3324 Wrote: [ -> ]And how would I do spoiler tags?

Because I really want to vent out my rage on Star Ocean: (Bad)Till The End of the Time

Without the spaces

[s p o i l e r] The text you would have as spoilers would be here [/s p o i l e r]

Ok thanks

So... Star Ocean: Till The End of time.... Where do I even begin...

How do I use spoiler tags?
(11-13-2012 06:51 AM)Earthboundy Wrote: [ -> ]How do I use spoiler tags?
Copy and paste this
[spoiler]insert spoiler crap here[/spoiler]

@A Zombie Riot
You can use [code] to display forum codes without them functioning, like above.

The Mass Effect 3 ending. Didn't like it and it didn't make any sense.

When this glitch(Dante Quicksilver on amaterasu) hap pened in a match. WTF indeed 0:55

Borderlands 2
The ending to Dead Space 1. Shit brix.

In Batman: Arkham Asylum. Scarecrow pretends to break the game and I honestly thought my Xbox was broken/breaking.
Can't think of any more right now.
Yeah the Arkham Asylum thing was the biggest wtf I ever experience in gaming ever
Ok,i was visiting a friend of mine who owns a copy of Megaman 3.As i know i suck at every GODDAMN N.E.S. game,so i expected to die miserably(probably by jumping at the first gap in the game and all of a sudden i die).I choose the Snakeman Lvl. and then something happens.

I didn't Die,i beat the whole level and I also didn't die the one after that(Went after Geminiman).I was seriously on a roll.But then Shit happen.The damn Console froze on me,Ands i was like "ARE F@&KING KIDDING ME!?!??"

Then after that,i still haven't ever got to beat a megaman level where i didn't die once.
Had to post this because I know Cody will love it.

(11-14-2012 02:19 PM)Hexadecimal Wrote: [ -> ]Had to post this because I know Cody will love it.

Made my day! XD
I can't stop laughing while typing this post. I hate Big the Cat so that just added to the hilarity.
Way of the Samurai 4 in general, but more so than ever if you pull off this little trick...

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