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I know you already made a whole video about Resident Evil facts but I figured a bunch more wouldn't hurt Tongue I do have quite a bunch, so bear with me. Even dug out some sources to prove my facts. Some of them weren't exactly easy to find...

The games' original Japanese name Biohazard got changed because trademarking "Biohazard" would have been too difficult, mainly because of a DOS game and a band of the same name. The name Resident Evil came from a naming contest held within the company.

Leon was originally supposed to have a basset hound as a pet dog.

In the Sega Saturn version the Hunter Alpha's of the original game were replaced by a variant called Tick, which was a somewhat insectoid looking Hunter with its sickle arms and antennae.

Robert Kendo's brother, Joe Kendo, is hinted to be still alive as the words "Kendo Gun Shop" have been engraved in Leon's gun, the Silver Ghost, in RE4.

You can find a post-it note describing a recipe for a "Jill Sandwich" near an RPD office desk in Resident Evil Uprising, the mobile version of RE2.

Leon was originally supposed to be rescuing Sherry Birkin in RE4 and the story was supposed to tie in with what Wesker said in Wesker's Report: "Sherry is safe in our hands". That part was, however, removed from both the game and the 10th anniversary edition of Wesker's Report. (Check the Diary of a Madman part)

The cast to the original Resident Evil was supposed to compose of Jill and Chris but also two characters called Dewey (the team's african-american medic) and Geltzer (the team's huge radio operative). Dewey was planned as a comic relief and the name was later used for the STARS pilot.

Resident Evil was actually born from a project to create a successor to Capcom's Famicom game Sweet Home, which in turn was based on a movie of the same name.

Nemesis (RE3), Thanatos (Outbreak), Hypnos (Survivor) and Nyx (Outbreak File#2) are all named after ancient Greek deities.

George A. Romero was originally attached to writing/directing the live action films but eventually the project was given to Paul W.S. Anderson. Romero had previously made the live action trailer for RE2. &

There is a fast food restaurant called Jill's Sandwiches found in the original Dead Rising.

Now, here are some interesting RE5 concept facts:

While the game was originally not supposed to be a co-op experience, Chris still had a partner to go with him in Africa and Sheva still existed in the game. Chris' original partner was Barry and Sheva was going to be a part of local militia fighting against the BOWs.

Excella was originally supposed to be killed by a tyrant, similar to what happened to Albert Wesker in the original game.

Parts of RE5 Beta were later used in RE6. Mainly the underground ruins with parts being under water, Gigante-like giants assaulting a town while you had to protect another character trying to device help and a boss battle fought on a train where you had to run from car to car while fighting it. The monster itself (Irving) was very similar to Birkin's final form.
Great post. One of my favorite RE tidbits is that just before Resident Evil, Shinji Mikami directed Goof Troop. There's even evidence that Resident Evil ran on a modified Goof Troop engine.
Ooh, I didn't know that. Cool to know!

Now that I'm back on the subject, here's a couple more.

Resident Evil Gaiden was originally supposed to be canon and coincide with Code: Veronica but this plot point was later dropped in the sequels, mainly RE4. Gaiden was also referenced in Wesker's Report where Albert mentioned Leon joining an anti-Umbrella organization. Furthermore, the story was written by Hiroki Kato who directed CV.

There was once a project to create a Resident Evil game featuring ninjas. The game was to be set in a house filled with traps and hidden doors, much like the mansion in the first game but only set in Japan's Sengoku period. The characters were also supposed to be able to use ninja techniques. Eventually the project got turned into Onimusha. & &
Thanks for those links! (The 3.5 and 4.5 links). Was interesting to read.
No problem Big Grin I myself especially liked the Diary of a Madman scans in the 3.5 article.

Got a couple new facts too! Somebody stop me!

Nobuko "Nokko" Yamada, who plays the youngest character, Emi, in the original Sweet Home movie was the lead singer in a band called Rebecca.

Resident Evil was supposed to be multiplayer from the very beginning but that option was dropped due to hardware limitations. (This is from an old Electronic Gaming Monthly)
I thought they couldn't use Biohazard because of the Metal Band Biohazard.
I mentioned that in my post, in addition to the DOS game.
(11-09-2012 01:43 PM)DidYouKnowGaming Wrote: [ -> ]Great post. One of my favorite RE tidbits is that just before Resident Evil, Shinji Mikami directed Goof Troop. There's even evidence that Resident Evil ran on a modified Goof Troop engine.

Fucking Boopin' ass game.
I thought I'd throw in a couple of interesting S.T.A.R.S. facts, mainly about the office.

Kevin Dooley is an R.P.D. pilot who occasionally helped the S.T.A.R.S. team on their missions and was actually piloting Bravo team's chopper that fateful night. While Kevin's character wasn't properly introduced before the remake, you could still see someone in the S.T.A.R.S. team photo who quite possibly could be him. Note that the picture is from before Rebecca joined the team. The person in question is on the far left. &

The office is way too small for a team of 12 and for some reason only has the desks of Barry, Chris, Jill, Rebecca and Wesker. They might have made some changes after the Mansion Incident but if that's the case, where's Brad's desk? Note that Brad had been still alive at the time the office was last used.

If you search Wesker's desk 50 times in RE2 you will find Film D, which when developed in the darkroom will show a picture of Rebecca holding a basketball.

After the Credits of Resident Evil 4, in the "copyrights" section, it says "This game is protected under the laws of Raccoon Police Department. Unauthorized duplication, distribution or exhibition may result in civil liability and criminal prosecution by an appropriate S.T.A.R.S. member. And then some."

While Resident Evil has never actually tackled any supernatural threats and mostly just focused on scientific creations, there is one instance with propably the exception that confirms the rule. In the official Resident Evil Comics there's a story that takes place well before the whole Umbrella catastrophe. It features Jill and Barry investigating some murders in the college and ends up in Jill fighting off something that's supposedly a werewolf. from Resident Evil: The Official Comic Magazine, Issue #3 - A Resident Evil Story: Wolf Hunt I'll try to provide the next page from this, when the guy turned back to human.
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