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I'm Darkfenian and I've been playing video games since the NES era. I'm mainly a Nintendo fan with the Zelda series being my favorite. I also really like playing the Elder Scrolls series (been playing since Daggerfall) though I have not been able to play Skyrim yet. Anyways I love finding out secrets of my favorite video games and hope to share and learn with you.
Like video games [✓]
Likes Zelda [✓]
Likes the Elder Scrolls [✓]
Has played Skyrim [ ]
Seems well spoken [✓]
Seems to want to contribute to the forums [✓]

[Image: nintendo-seal_288x288.jpg]
Need to change that seal to say SERIOUSLY instead of Nintendo Big Grin

Welcome to the forums where the beaches are fine and the bitches are finer.
[Image: tnOPf.jpg]
Well my day has been made, time to sleep for another 24 hours...
I'm laughing at Darkfenians avatar! XD But also the "SERIOUSLY" Seal.
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