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I'm a huge fan of the professor layton series. I've researched about the character's history. So far I could only find out that he was based on Sherlock Holmes. But I don't see the resemblance as the character is gentle unlike Holmes. And their outfits are different.

Anyone who knows info about Layton?

Really? I mean, really? ANOTHER thread? Do you remember what I said in the last thread?
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Are you somewhat mad ?
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U mad bro? Big Grin
I am because the stupid buttons are not working for me and I do not understand what I am doing wrong to make em work.

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Are you somewhat mad ?

WTF I did the [img] [/img] tags and it would not work, I am calling full on shenanigans all up in this forums.
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Artwark I do not understand what is so hard about looking this stuff up, wikipedia and other wiki sites should have plenty of info on what you are asking.
The thing is that my teacher says that there are facts that are outside the real facts. Like how mario was a plumber? that is something that isn't explained in the interview.
But you literally can find that stuff ANYWHERE on the internet if you actually search for it.
The problem is that you have access to MILLIONS of tidbits of information at the power of your computer/laptop. You just need to keep searching for these things.
I already said this before MONTHS ago about talking to people you have an issue with instead of spamming their profile with bad feedback.

A Zombie Riot you should have locked it earlier instead of pointing out how pointless these threads are but leaving this open(?).
I was meant to lock it after I posted but I forgot.


*goes in the corner and cries*
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