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Full Version: Haloween stream giveaway
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So on Halloween around 7:00 PM EST, I will be streaming the 7th Guest on my page and as a little bonus I am also going to be giving away a digital copy of The 7th Guest at the end of the stream. To those who are not familiar with the game, it is a puzzle game (23 or so to be precise) and so what I am going to do is after each puzzle, I will ask a trivia question whether it's from The 7th Guest, The 11th Hour, or from The 7th Guest novel. The way to win is to have the most points.

What I need is feedback on this idea, what do you all think about this?
It's a cool idea i'll try to tune in.
Cheers, I will post my twitch before I stream.
I thought you were streaming Halo by the name of the thread. A Play on words as it where...
Whoops! Dat typo...
Can you fix that typo yourself or not? I think it's pretty funny.
Meh I will leave it as it is, but I still need feedback on how I should go about this.
Sorry for the double post but here is my link:

I will start streaming around 7:00 PM EST.

Thank you all for thinking about this.
Little bump update, I have to delay the stream until 7:45 PM EST because of Trick or Treat kiddies that will more than likely interrupt the stream. I should be rid of them by then. Thanks guys.
Ok the stream is live!
Had time to watch a bit of this stream - good video quality and good voice for videos like this.

Do another stream soon (on the weekend when I don't have my alarm set for ridiculous o'clock Wink )
Yeah I can do that, but I do not know how the internet will react so I will have to do some test streams on certain games to find out but thanks for popping in when you did.
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