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Has this ever happened to you, when you find a game in a store prior to release, or you preorder and a mix up occurs and you get it early?

I got Halo Reach 3 days before release, and because of this I got about 50 messages saying I am going to get banned and stuff, I didn't care that much, I beat the game on the day, and played Multiplayer, here's hoping for Halo 4 early release for me.

I also just bought Asscreed 3, I went to a local game shop, and it was on the shelf, I asked, and they had it, £45 for an early release wasn't that bad, I've been playing for a bit now too.

So guys, any of you lucky enough to find something early?
Not me.

But stores breaking the street date isn't really new. And usually when they break the street date, it's usually by a few days. Because Microsoft can tell the difference between a legit copy and a pirated copy.

Like this person on NGG (Nonstop Gaming General... GameFAQ's) "bought" the game very early, and said he bought it from a "warehouse distribution center" and he ended up getting Banned from Xbox LIVE. This was nearly 2 weeks ago.
Amazon sent me ES:Oblivion 1 day before release. That's about it Big Grin
I got The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker a day early.
I've only gotten one thing early, and that's just because Amazon shipping is amazing. It was the Ratchet and Clank Collection, got it early by a day.
I buy my games from I get games on Tuesdays all the time (3 days before launch) so nuts to those morons.
Also, what A Zombie Riot said, Microsoft can tell when people are using Legit or Retail copies. I don't see the issue of getting games early because Americans get games before us. Our retail release is usually the same week on a Friday, but Americans get them on a Tuesday (who plays launch games on Tuesdays)? I personally find breaking street dates trivial.
I got Skyward Sword with the completely neccesary gold controller a day early, then I couldn't play it for an entire day because it was my uncle's birthday...
Worth it.
I thought this concept was just a myth, just like the Loch Ness Monster or koala bears.
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