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Full Version: A good game, or just another boring game?
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This video is awesome!
Seems good, right? God bless the game won’t turn me off…

Detailed characters models(Unreal 3 engine probably helped with that) but wank animation. It got seriously sloppy towards the end.

Also +1 for random hot madam with a 50 cal taking down the military from an impossible range and having no dignity to dress properly in a shootout zone(GGs for appealing the females, developers. GGs).

If you've got a new IP and you instantly make it an FPS, then it's worth paying the attention because at that point you're not even trying.
Shooty game No.9001

It's going to have something special to make its mark. In any case, throw in boobs and you'll hit the teenage demographic right in the groin = profit.
Those animations were just bad. I can't really tell whether or not it looks like a good game, considering there was zero gameplay shown, but I probably won't play. I've got enough FPS games on my way to keep me satisfied.
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