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Dead Cell is based on the real life U.S. Navy counter-terrorist units called Red Cell. The backstory of the unit also somewhat resembles its real life counterpart, in that both Colonel Jackson and Red Cell founder Richard Marcinko were both tried and convicted of misappropriation of government funds and sent to prison, differing in that Jackson died in prison, while Marcinko did not.

Quick Info about Red Cell:

Red Cell was a top secret Navy unit formed by Marcinko in the late 1980's. Its members were hand-picked by him for their ability to think unconventionally and act aggressively. Red Cell's purpose was two-fold. The first was to become terrorists themselves -- to test the defenses of the Navy's most secure facilities and installations. The result: Red Cell was able to infiltrate supposedly impenetrable, highly secured bases, nuclear submarines, ships and other purported "secure areas," seemingly at will. The unit's function as a security evaluation team allowed it to travel all over the world and was in effect, a "cover" for its second, highly-classified, mission: to eliminate terrorists before they could strike. Details of the unit's activities in this area remain classified. However, Red Cell's success at defeating the Navy's own security forces embarrassed many base commanders and earned the unit a number of enemies within the Navy. The unit fell on hard times after Marcinko was convicted of misallocation of funds and was subsequently disbanded in 1995.
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