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Full Version: Oct 20th video game stream
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Hey guys on Saturday the 20th a group that I am a part of will be doing a 24 hour video game stream. I am not going for the 24 hour stream but I will be playing for some hours. I will be playing games like Binding of Issac and Smite if possible.
Here is also my Twitch:

PM me for any game suggestions and hopefully I will be able to play them or even own them.
Play something that is action packed and fun to watch, I'm not saying those games are bad, I just think it'd get more attention, a game like Mirror's Edge, or Dishonored would have people more interested.
I do not have Dishonored but I was thinking about Borderlands 2 or something like that.

Turns out I do have enough for Dishonored, if I do that will anyone be interested in seeing me do a few hours of a blind run? I might even do some challenges or something like that.
I am double posting because I am streaming tomorrow but I am "officially" streaming for VexX around 8 or 9-11 or so PM EST time.
Oh yeeeeeah... I saw a message about it in MW3. What is it about anyway? Is it like a donation-stream thing?

Anyway, good luck! I might watch ^_^
Eh I had basically 1 other person besides myself watch, I was not really expecting dozens of people to watch but nontheless I think it went well
Mine is the Dishonored BLIND w/ Xannidel, yes it was roughly 3 hours and aside from the first 5 mins it was blind and I had some people say I have something going on with my commentary but oh well. I might take that video and add it to my stream and continue to stream it every so often.
Who was the other person that came to watch?

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I think it was one of the other clan members, I don't know lol.
Awwww [Image: FrankerZ.png]
That is so cool how many person want to watch it??
How many went to watch? At max 4 maybe.

Here is the link to the video, it's about 2:45:00 or something like that so I understand if you do not want to watch it all and I was planning on streaming more this week if I get enough support and all that. If anyone could give me feedback that would be much appreciated.
The PS3 is in perfect condition has all the cords controller and the controller charger and I got some game to go with it. I also want to know how much the IPOD is worth?

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I dunno. I think that guy MIGHT be an advertiser. If he makes more posts I'll see. Also Xannidel, I'll lock this thread. I'm sure that's OK with you since you have your official stream thread. (Y)

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