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Hey guys, name's Georgie. I'm nearly 26, female last time I checked an' I've been gaming for pretty much 22 years now and I've never looked back. I'm Lancastrian, a Batman fanatic, Celica driver, shooter, anime & manga nerd, cat lady. You get the picture. I'm also partial to a few too many ales and I smoke Marlboro Reds.

I got 3 cats, two of which are named after video game characters. I'm an Extra also hoping to become an ACTUAL actress someday and I was one of the UK finalists on Sony's Uncharted Audition earlier this year. Smile

Anyway I'm waffling on here. I hope everyone is well and I guess I shall be speaking to you all soon. Big Grin
Anyone who uses the verb "to waffle" is welcome on these forums Cool

Hope everything's to your liking - however, I would recommend that you don't look certain members directly in the avatar, they get vicious
Haha! Cheers! Smile

I suppose I'd better tread carefully then? Tongue Haha!
Welcome aboard! Here's a pack of smokes and a brew. Enjoy yourself.
Cheers fella! Smile

I want to learn to waffle...

We hope you brought enough for the rest of the group...
Cheers. Smile

Waffles or Biscuits? Tonnes of biscuits in, fresh out of waffles.

In fact, I don't think a waffle has graced my house for years. Apart from Birds Eye Potato Waffles I had them last week.
Howdy howdy. Welcome to the forum Big Grin
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