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In Carmine Falcone's office in the Batman Begins video game, the rookie detectives name is Wally Pfister. Wally Pfister is the cinematographer for almost every one of Christopher Nolan's movies, including Batman Begins.

I'm not exactly sure how to submit something, and this is a very good yet underrated game so I decided to share.
Yeah, posting in the "Submit a Did You Know?" forum is how you submit stuff. It would also help if you have pictures of the trivia you're submitting, like capturing the game footage with a capture device if you have one, or maybe someone might already have that picture of the trivia on the internet and you can just embed the picture from that site. Also you could link to a youtube video that might have footage of the trivia. Just remember to give credit if you use stuff from someone else.

"2005 Batman Begins (Video Game) Walter Pfister (voice)"
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