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Hey guys! My name is GorgonBull35. I've been on the DYKG forums for a while (1-2 months... I think) and I finally noticed the Introduce Yourself thread, so I decided to do just that, introduce myself. I'm a Nintendo gamer all my life, rarely venturing out into consoles (I don't hate other consoles but Nintendo's always reliable for me). My favourite genre of games are RPG's with Secret of Mana being my favourite game of all time. When video games aren't available, I write short stories and listen to Video Game Music or the band Roxette.

I got to these forums by a mistake actually... Confused I was doing a research paper on the positive impact of video games on young children and I clicked this link by mistake (1:00 A.M., I was tired). And I joined and felt as though I could contribute with some trivia of my own.

And yes I LOVE Gilgamesh!
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