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I did a frame-by-frame animation almost a year ago on Luigi's Mansion and I posted it on Newgrounds, it is supposed to be funny and entertaining, so... Let's pretend that it is! : (It is also on Youtube if you prefer :

Each image is unique and there were no copy/past drawing. I would like to know what you think of it! Thanks!
You have talent! Very good.
That was actually very well drawn. Animation is hard to do, and even if it wasn't top notch comedy, the animation was VERY nice. I applude thyn sir... I applude thyn.
Well this sums it up pretty nicely
Good job
Hahaha! Thanks!

I must admit that it could be a little funnier, but when I bega to draw pictures, I had no idea ehere I was going with it. So it was kind of improvised.
It's a nice fluid animation for a Newgrounds flash (Yes, I AM comparing it to the other Newgrounds video, I am an active user -_-). All it needs now is a... less creepy vibe ^_^

Unless you want to frek' peoples mind. If so, do something Golfinho would do... without the porn of course (How would I watch it then?)
Ha! Not bad.
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