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Anyone playing?

Battletag: Skarro#1248

Maxed out Wizard and other weaklings.
If we give out battletags we should maybe tell people what server we play on. Or did Blizzard fix the bug where the game didn't let people from different servers add eachother?

Anyway, I used to play a lot but I feel kind of burned out so there was some time go I played it. Trying to plow through the game with a Witch Doctor after spending around 100 hours on my monk.
Hmm well I believe I am USeast? (idk from Canada) I really think the region restrictions only apply on patch day. They say things like "Unable to play with international players until updated" and junk.
All I have is two characters at the moment, a 60 Witch Doctor and a 30 Wizard.

BattleTag is Melirune#1139
My BattleTag is damerdar#1791. I've got a monk in the low fifties and a bunch of low level characters of other classes.
I would give my BattleTag, but because I live in Australia and we have no local servers I lag like a motherfuck.

I'm also only, like, lvl 25 and on Act III because I haven't played in foreverrr.
I had fun playing through the storyline once. But to do it again was to boring (solo atleast).

But now i've quit Tongue i'm just not the person for this game. to much repeatable stuff.
also i dont like nightmare :/ just as easy but things take more time to kill Confused i hate waiting Tongue

Let's talk about this.

What is Blizzard doing? Did they seriously think they were going to get away with screwing around with a customers REAL money?
Just looked for a thread on this and didn't see it, so I made one, whoops. :x

Anyways, anyone can feel free to add me and I'll help you with anything you need (besides Inferno, for now).

I have a level 60 Demon Hunter and level 30 Barbarian.
(07-03-2012 06:21 AM)Nuudoru Wrote: [ -> ]What is Blizzard doing? Did they seriously think they were going to get away with screwing around with a customers REAL money?

I can't say I'm surprised to read this. Blizzard really doesn't seem to know how to run this game properly. Just another nail in the coffin.
Played the game, had a blast, beat it and got to Act 2 of nightmare and then got bored due to the game offering nothing new outside of the POSSIBILITY of some random dungeons and what not showing up. I am not a huge dungeon crawler kind of guy but I did jump on this band wagon because I thought I would have some fun and yes I did. Now I wait for Heart of the Swarm to play that campaign because I suck horribly on the online parts of starcraft (could never marco worth a darn)
Not playing RIGHT now, i don't know when i will be.


Add me! level 36 demon hunter
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