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Hey guys,

My name is Adrian Banninga and I am the game director of Darkout. I’m here to ask for any support from the community to help us gather as many votes as possible for our game on Steam Greenlight.

As you know it is a new system and it really makes it very difficult for any new Indie developer trying to break into the games market on Steam right now.

We have been on steam since last weekend and though we have had a great response so far we really need all votes we can get to release on steam.

Darkout Steam Greenlight Page

We'd really appreciate your support!

We just put up a new trailer as well, check it out and let us know what you think!

Thanks for everyone in the community who have supported us this far!
You can learn more about the game on our forums and website as well


Thanks for taking the time to look at the game!

Adrian, Team Darkout
Seems cool enough!

It kinda looks like Terraria... only in 3D. And without any building stuff in it. Which is great in my opinion.

(Btw, wrong thread. It should go in creative discussion >_>)
Glad you like it Smile

Thanks for letting me know where to post, I wasn't sure Smile

Can someone move it there?
I am sure one of the Mods will later on.
I don't think Creative Discussion but more of self promoting or something like that.
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