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Hi all!

NovaGame; with the logic of space battles, has many features that you can not see anywhere else.

The purpose; present to you a game which has less rule for easier and wider insightful. All of our systems are completely automatic together with our stuff supports to users in the same day.

Some game features:

1- World's most improved browserbased game message system,
2- The first time in the world, special language supported in-game forum,
3- Almost a ruleless game,
4- Developing systems day by day,
5- English, German, Turkish language support,
6- Connection and battle with all nation's player,

and many more original innovations offer you an entertaining environment.

Structurally, NovaGame's biggest feature is having a system which provides new users can catch the old users if they devote their times.

NovaGame is not complex, you can be sure. In a very short time, you can learn game and savor the world's most special browser-based simulation space game. Do not forget that; NovaGame never look like another games.

Why do not you come to this adventure? Moreover, no need to download it, you need to just become a member. Come on! Create your legendary empire against this ruthless battle, Become the ruler of the Galaxies!

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