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...is now your life.

Who or what are you and how much screwed are you now?
I am Syndra, The Dark Sovereign.

Born with immense magical potential, Syndra loves nothing more than exercising the incredible power at her command. With each passing day, her mastery of magical force grows more potent and devastating. Refusing any notion of balance or restraint, Syndra wants only to retain control of her power, even if it means annihilating the authorities that seek to stop her.

Throughout her youth in Ionia, Syndra's reckless use of magic terrified the elders of her village. They took her to a remote temple, leaving her in the care of an old mage. To Syndra's delight, the mage explained that the temple was a school - a place where she could develop her talents under his guidance. Though she learned much during her time there, Syndra no longer felt her power growing as it had in her youth. Her frustration grew, and she finally confronted her mentor, demanding an explanation. He revealed that he had dampened Syndra's magic, hoping to help her learn control and restraint. Accusing him of betrayal, she advanced on the mage, commanding him to lift the spell that was holding her back. He backed away, telling her that if she couldn't control herself, he would be forced to nullify Syndra's magic completely. Furious, she summoned her power and dashed the old man against the walls. With her mentor dead, Syndra felt the rush of her unbounded potential for the first time in years. Though she had won her freedom, she refused to return to the society that had tried to steal her gift. Instead, Syndra decided to claim her former prison as a stronghold. Pushing the boundaries of her magic, she tore the structure from its foundations and raised it into the sky. Free to delve further into her art, Syndra now aims to grow powerful enough to destroy the weak, foolish leaders of Ionia - and anyone else who would dare to shackle her greatness.

Basically I'll be able to summon dark balls from nowhere and then throw them around and shit. I'll also have ever growing power, and to be honest, a good pair of breasts.

I also fight constantly in the League of Legends where I can expand my powers and such. Not bad I must say.
I'm on bloody pandora shooting skags...

Mario World....
Welp, I'm an OP and I forgot to describe my situation. Oh well, at least it'll be bumped... I think.

I am a man in a business suit... I guess. I also have a balaclava. There's a knife in my hand. Everyone looks almost the same - we're just dressed in different colors. There are these metal circles on the ground and everything repeats itself. When I get killed, I just come back in this weird room with lockers.

now guess who i am lolol
Ness from Earthbound.

[Image: images?q=tbn:ANd9GcTMITRjYTDY5Qv-oCSz6ra...ifO6FvM-sg]

Now here are the Pros and Cons

*I'm a Psychic Boy that is gonna save the World.
*I got Buddies so fighting will be much more easier.
*I get to destroy the Ku Klux Klan...oh Wait,i mean Happy Happiesm Wink
*People gotta take shit from me.Tongue

*I must deal with the perverted Flying Guy(come on people,does fuzzy pickles sounds a bit suspicious to you).
*I must be Naked because I'm Playing the Japanese version,For which im not gonna be proud showing my ding-dong to people,even if it's a dream.
*Gonna have to be a part of an Abortion procedure.
* Apparently,i have to deal with Family Issues.

[Image: images?q=tbn:ANd9GcRldYi71JnR-dvu7gImfuV...I_DAG1L0UE]
You also forgot that you have to fight Gygas or Gigas THAT SHIT IS STILL SCARY NO MATTER WHAT WAY YOU SPELL IT!!
Raiden from MGS2: Sons of Liberty. I'm okay with this.
I am the frekin' Hunter from Borderlands. I get to have a bat-bird that kills everything, awesome sniping skills, and ladies (I wish...)

Cons? If I use Zer0 as my guy in Borderlands 2, everybody will think I'm just using him cause he,s a robot, not for the fact I love sniping :/
(09-28-2012 12:17 AM)Snake3324 Wrote: [ -> ]You also forgot that you have to fight Gygas or Gigas THAT SHIT IS STILL SCARY NO MATTER WHAT WAY YOU SPELL IT!!
Berry Wrote:*Gonna have to be a part of an Abortion procedure.

Yeah thats the one where soppusedly Gygas is a Fetus and im killing him Thus being a part of A Abortion Procedure....
(09-28-2012 07:34 AM)LoneWanderer Wrote: [ -> ]Raiden from MGS2: Sons of Liberty. I'm okay with this.

Difusing a bomb is like a relationship Big Grin

Huh. Lucky I took a break from Shadows and replayed Sonic Adventure 2!

Eggman, we're taking over! We'll get that hedgehog!
mario and luigi: bowsers inside story

well looks like im getting eaten by bowser
I'm Red, and I have a cool little team of Pokémon.

And it's also going to be similar to the anime, with Pokémon being updated and such.
I'm in Animal Crossing. ... Not bad.

> I get to live in a world full of talking animals
> I don't have to pay bills for my house, other than my debt. NO TAXES FOR MEE!!!!! (Even though i dont have to pay them in real life yet.)
> I can find money and dinosaur bones in the ground!!!!! WOOOOO!!!
> I can make my house as awesome as I want to, and get 30,000 bells in a day EASY.
> The police station is practically a glorified lost and found, and the only people there is a new recruit to the station, and a clueless apologetic dog. I CAN DO ANYTHING!!! DISREGARD THE LOCAL AUTHORITY FIGURES!!!

> I have to put up with the immensely self centered neighbor who will paint my roof purple without even consulting me, just because the gal wanted to. Trust me. IT HAPPENED.
> If I ever want to have kids, I would have to do "The Dance With No Pants" with a animal. *shudder*
> If I am going to use the post office at night, I have to deal with that snotty purple pelican. I hate her so.

All in all, pretty damn nice.
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