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In Uncharted: Drake's Fortune, early in the game Drake and Elana are wearing wetsuits made by a company named "Ottsel". An Ottsel was the name of the creature that Daxter was transformed into during the Jak and Daxter series of games also made by Naughty Dog.

Other references include the Ottsel logo, which is Daxter's face, and a piece of treasure that can be found in the game called the "Strange Relic" which is actually a Precursor Orb also found in the J&D series (The strange relic can be found in all Uncharted games).

A pic of the wetsuit

Wiki page for Strange Relic
In Uncharted 3 multiplayer on the Airstrip map, a plane will fly by either shooting down or drop a bomb on the wooden shelter above.

Look whats on that bomb.

Its Daxter.
Nice, I didn't notice that one.
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