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I'm really surprised this game has been out the better half of the week and it's just now getting a thread. This game has been on the top of my most highly anticipated games, and let me tell you, it does not disappoint. It takes everything the first game did right, and multiplies it by 10. The dialogue is hilarious and blends greatly into the story. Weapons are always unique. It's probably one of the best games I've played in a while. What do you guys think?
Never was a very attached fan to the series, but I might try Borderlands 2 some time soon.
I beat BL1 but I never played the DLC so I am unsure how the DLC ties in with BL2 but I am sort of enjoying BL2, I crash too easily on FPS games regardless if they have RPG elements or not.
I played a bit of it, going to try some more later, my brother had it since it was first released, even though he was meant to get it in England on Friday.
I didn't like BL1, but from what I've seen BL2 looks loads better. If I ever get money I'll pick it up. Right after Fallout.
(09-23-2012 07:14 AM)retrolinkx Wrote: [ -> ]I played a bit of it, going to try some more later, my brother had it since it was first released, even though he was meant to get it in England on Friday.

...unless you buy it from since they deliver it to your for Tuesday.

Damn Lilith in Borderlands 2 looks awesome. Haven't bought Borderlands 2 yet.
I'm too addicted to it. Its too good. Tho I really wish the katana was actually a weapon and not just the melee action.
I'm gonna buy it after AFTER I finished almost all of the missions in the first one. Which won't take that long anymore, considering the fact that I did a lot.

Also, I'm gonna choose the Assassin as my character. I love sniper characters, and I love melee attacks, and I adore 1-shot kills. So, what a better thing then every thing combined? I already have a name too! It,s gonna be Nic0 ^_^
I tried the game today. The game is pretty amazing, and addictive. I think after I played it I was really dizzy... o_O
Got it, been playing it. I lost track of time when I was playing and ended up playing for about 2.5 hours before I had to stop to make some supper (yep, I had supper at 1 in the morning, lol) and take a shower. Now that I'm done, I've got to do my dished real quick and I'm going back.

Playing as Salvador. And He's fun. I've only used Gunzerker mode once, and it's pretty darn cool, I mist admit.

The assault rifle I found though... O_O I don't think there's anything that will replace it for a while. It does explosive damage and the gun itself does about 121 damage. My other favorite assault rifle did 17, and that was from the premiere club guns. Dang.
Any of you playing on steam?

I gotta lvl 21 Zer0 and a level 6 Gunserker.
I have a lvl 13 soldier (what ever the guy with the turret is called) on steam.
He's a commando, and his name is Axton.

Also, it's weird to hear Lilith and Roland talk.
Well I'm playing Bordelands 1 and it's good Cool
I've been so addicted since it has come out. I'm in my first year of university, so while I should be studying and doing homework, it's hard not to want to play this. Me and my friend are basically at the same point in the game (we're both Level 30 Axton), so whenever we can, we try to play co-op, though because I'm in res, I don't have the most reliable connection, so usually one of us is lagging, and we give up on co-op. But overall, it's an awesome game. It's way funnier than the original (besides the original's DLC), the guns are better and while in the first game, I was always using assault rifles, I've been switching it up more, and use a variety of guns (basically, I just don't use SMG's and snipers). It's a really long game, which is great, and the turret is so much better than Roland's was. I also love the abundance of references to other games. Only thing I don't like is that for Axton, is skill trees all kind of suck, and while I want to put points in all three, you don't get nearly enough points to make that worthwhile.
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