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Full Version: Wrecking Crew and Wario/Waluigi Connection?
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[Image: ForemanSpike.jpg]

Also, Wario.

[Image: Wariosdf.PNG]

Foreman Spike is the dude on the top left and top center. I get the impression he was the prototype for Wario and Waluigi. Waluigi's kart in Mario Kart DS kinda strengthens this theory.

Looking at Foreman Spike's name in Japan, Burakkī, one is also reminded of a character from Super Mario RPG whose name in Japan was Bukki.

[Image: Smrpg_booster.gif]
Also, Waluigi's special pitch in Superstar Baseball is also an eggplant, one of the enemies in Wrecking Crew. Additionally, the eggplant also wears sunglasses in reference to Foreman Spike. It is generally believed that Foreman Spike is Waluigi trying to get revenge on the Mario Bros. and that him and Wario aren't actually related. So he really is just some weirdo pretending to be Wario's brother Tongue
Yeah, I remember reading that Wario and Waluigi weren't really related.
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