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I'm now opening a second shop with almost no rules other than just the forum rules.
I do Pokemon zombies.

Here's some finished zombies:
[Image: 9587-overworldclefairyzombie.PNG][Image: 28138-Zombie-Alazakam.png][Image: 28162-Zombie-Gastly.png][Image: 28678-Mudkip-Zombie.png][Image: 28161-Zombie-Scrafty.png][Image: 20276-overworldpoliwhirlzombie.PNG][Image: 12761-Zombeh-Giratina.bmp][Image: 28525-Zombie.png][Image: 12525-zombie-gallade.bmp]
Feel free to leave requests, I'm officially open.
Good stuff dude. I used to do Pokemon splicing/Pixel art a few years ago. Alakazam is definitely the best. Your Giratina could do with more shading on the wings however.
Good job.
Thanks! I really appreciate your critism. I tried adding shading to Giratina's wings but htey didn't look right, so I left them as is. My personal favorite is Poliwhirl. I had around 16+ more, but they were wiped and these are all I have left. Only the Giratina, Poliwhirl, Gallade, and Clefairy survived.
I'm taking requests 24/7 now, btw. Just remember: I have a social life.
I like the Ghastly one the most.
What's the second from the right ?
Basketball player. Human. Only human I've done.
(11-03-2012 12:49 PM)DarkNerd Wrote: [ -> ]Basketball player. Human. Only human I've done.

I like how he's using his own brains to pitch with.

Do a Ditto. That'd be a good challenge.
Indeed it would... I'll give it a shot asap!
Nice job, also a zombie Tyranitar would be amazing.
[Image: svjonc.png] [Image: 1fhbpd.png]
Sorry took so long, busy with schoolwork. Cleared now though. I love how these two came out.
I made some more and am ready to take more requests!
[Image: 30594-Zombie-Squirtle.png][Image: 30589-Zombie-Bulbasaur.png][Image: 30590-Zombie-Ivysaur.png][Image: 30591-Zombie-Venusaur.png][Image: 30592-Zombie-Ditto.png] I did a Togepi, but forgot to upload it. Or rather, uploaded it to tinypic, then deleted the link. My bad.
Ok, let's try and throw you a curveball

I would like a Third-Bulbazaur, Thid-Ninetails, Third Mewtwo super-happy-rainbow-Pokémon Wink
Uh, a fusion of Bulbasaur, Ninetails, and Mewtwo, but with rainbow colors.
(12-05-2012 04:01 PM)DarkNerd Wrote: [ -> ]Uh, a fusion of Bulbasaur, Ninetails, and Mewtwo, but with rainbow colors.

[Image: 3879_-_animated_gif_chuck_norris_dodgeba...e=400x1000]
Couldnt see the pic on a school comp. Give me thirty.
[Image: i77ipj.png]
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