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In Fable 2, there is a loading screen which mentions a rumor that the Hero of Oakvale murdered the Guildmaster and carved "Your health is low," on his forehead.

This is a little joke, as in Fable, he contacts the hero every time his health is low, and this is similar to the navi effect, so this rumor is meant to be a joke.

How long was that dude observing my every move, waiting for my health to go low...
The "Your health is low, got any potions?" is annoying in Fable...

But did you know, that "your health is low" was a joke in Fable's expansion Fable: The Lost Chapters? In it, if you choose to fight against the Guildmaster, Jack of Blades will yell "Oh Guildmaster, soon your health will be low" during the fight, though I couldn't find a video about it. I'v heard it so many times playing through one of my favourite games...

In Fable 2, "Your Health is Low" is also a shop in Bloodstone. It sells potions.

In Fable 2, one of the things the Gargoyles say as an insult is "Hey, Hero, You got any health or potions?"
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