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Full Version: Is anyone else going to the Eurogamer Expo?
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My brother told me about this during Summer, I've been excited since, but in 10 days I'll be there and be playing a lot of games, but I'm wondering, this place is pretty big and for a site that has a decent amount of users from England, I'm wondering why no one has talked about it, or for that matter if they're even going.

I'll be going there, and hopefully trying out the Wii U if I have the time, as well as taking some pictures, and videos via my 3DS, and other means (phone), I will also make a report of what I saw there for anyone who is interested (Wii U news as well)

Anyhow, is anyone here going to it?
I'll probably go to it, sure.
Because of the fact that I'm still in school and that to go to England, I have to cross an entire sea, I won't be able to attend the expo, even if I want to. But it seems fun thought, it's looks like E3, but in England.
Bumping because going tomorrow.
Well I would be going but I still haven't got m Student Loan. No munchas no go
After coming back, I will talk about the things there, things I bought, and things I tried.

When I arrived, I went straight to Halo 4, the line wasn't long, which was nice, I played a bit of Regicide, the new game mode, which is a FFA with the person in first place is "the king" and killing him will give you points and make you the king, anyhow, the gameplay was very odd, for starters has anyone ever put a Xbox controller into their PC and played a game with it, you know how odd it feels when you turn, well for some reason it played like that, it also felt very CoD like (B was crouch, but you can change the control scheme), sprint is now used in all players, and is not an armour ability, the gameplay also felt a bit sloppy and was just all round bad, but it may have been for other reasons, so I won't fully judge it until I can play somewhere else.

I then went over to the Wii U.

My God...the line was long.

When I got the the entrance, I did a panorama view which showed off the Gyrosensor, it was interesting, but not fulfilling, I soon went to play some Nintendo Land Minigames, Luigi's Mansion Minigame was very fun, and the Legend of Zelda one was decent too, but we died pretty quickly, I also played Tekken Tag Torunament 2 using the Wii U pro controller, it's actually very good, it fits the hand, it feels good, the buttons are great, my only problem was the triggers being buttons, but apart from that it was great. I also got a chance to play ZombiU, great game, everyone should get it if they want a good launch game, I did have some time playing NSMBU, I was the Wii U conductor, and I liked being one, it was very fun to help the players get along, and hear their screams of joy when I placed a block under a pit of death before they died, it was fun.

After I walked around a bit, played some 3DS games, Luigi's Mansion was great, it was very fun to play, but I didn't get far, since it was a lot of puzzles, and such, and I wasn't in the mood for that at the time, I did get a chance to play Castlevania, but it got a bit boring fast, but it's not because it's bad, I just don't really play a lot of CV, so I sort of let it be after I killed about 10 enemies.

I soon went over to Crysis 3, now this was a fun little game, I played some multiplayer and came first somehow, I played a generic "defend the x" game and even though the gameplay wasn't that great, it was fun, I liked it quite a lot.

I also went to a Dev session to see how to get into the industry, it was a nice experience.

I did check out the Vita as well, this little device was very fun, I played Metal Gear Solid on it, and MY GOD, it was amazing, the screen was enough for it to be shown in "HD" and it looked amazing on the screen, if you're going to get a Vita, get that game, it's great, it can give you about 40 hours of gameplay and is very good.

I did check other things as well, but I forgot most of them, but you can ask me about a few things, if you wish.
Sounds pretty meh then. The WiiU is the only reason I planned on going but since it's coming out next month, it's worth the wait. And, as usual with Eurogamer, the lines are always long as heck for "that big event". Was Zelda WiiU HD game thingie there?
No, it wasn't.
(09-30-2012 08:02 AM)retrolinkx Wrote: [ -> ]No, it wasn't.

Well. Saturday well spent playing Happy Wars then. 3DS meh and playing TTT2 without a fight stick is meh.

Did you play Crisis 3 on a PC?
Also, what free goodies did you get?
Yeah, somehow I came first using KB&M even though I'm better with a controller.

I got quite a lot of free stuff, Nintendo Logo Keyring, Metal Gear Poster, Dreamcast Keyring, Question Mark Box Mints, Small Batarangs made to look like the ones used in the movies, a Mario Hat and a Zelda Pen.
Awesome awesome. Pretty good set of goodies there too. Dreamcast keyring? (What?)
A keyring of a miniature Dreamcast...
Be sure to post your pictures here of your visit to Eurogamer Expo
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