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Full Version: The Atari Jaguar was reincarnated as a dental camera.
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Imagin Systems had apparently purchased the molds for the Jaguar casing years ago. The casing proved just the right size and shape to hold a $5000 dental camera that takes pictures inside a patient's mouth. It retains the expansion slot used to connect the Jaguar's CD-ROM expansion as an "optional docking station," while plugging the memory cartridge used to store images into the existing cartridge slot. AVGN wasn't far off when he demonstrated the Atari Jaguar as a use for personal hygiene.

[Image: atairJaguarasadentalcamera.jpg] [Image: 48p0c3n.jpg]

Now THAT is a find!
Agreed HPlookalike, that's a great find!
I... I love you
Bravo, thats an impressive find.
Haha damn. What a way to go out. The Dreamcast reincarnated as a commercial failure
I wonder how AVGN feels about this...
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