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Full Version: some metroid dubstep
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I'm not that good yet but take a listen Big Grin
and so begins the anti-dubstep campain !
etiou, not bad Smile
is this your first production?
(06-26-2012 07:51 AM)etiou Wrote: [ -> ]http://soundcloud.com/etiou/metroid-title-theme-1-3

I'm not that good yet but take a listen Big Grin

I liked it a lot! The only critique I'd have is where you dropped at 0:43. You have two very fast beats going on at once. I don't know about anyone else, but it felt a little jumbled to me, even for dubstep.
Oh wow, that's not bad.
Good job
It's cool man!
You should try to find some higher quality drum kits, and maybe look up some basic tutorials on production (processing your kicks and snares etc.). I don't know what DAW you're currently using, but keep on going!
Comments appreciated. I used FL studio 8.

Thanks for the advice guys I'll get to work on it, and yes this was more or less my first real production.
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