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Found in a beta cartridge, the ending to Super Mario Bros. 2 was going to be different. Instead of showing the character's contributions by showing how many times each character was used, it was going to give out a cash reward depending on the number of lives lost.

Times Died | Prize Money
...0 to 3..| $10,000,000
.....4.....| $1,000,000
...5 to 9..| $500,000
..10 to 12.| $100,000
..13 to 18.| $50,000
....19+....| $10,000
Then they would send a cheque in the post, right ? Right ?

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Not as much in £'s. Better than nothing though. Can I still enter? Big Grin
Wow that is hilarious xD!

More braggin rights ma! I just won $10,000,000 worth of virtual cash...
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