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Hello there friends Big Grin

My name is Basil and I'm a huge fan of Video games and Anime~

I happened to stumble upon this site through a video I had uploaded and it was mentioned that people saw the video from this site ;o.

Looks like a pretty nice site you guys got here *_*!

Hoping to make new friends!
Well allow me to welcome you to the forums !

You look like you'll fit right in Cool
Thanks Big Grin
Welcome and please, enjoy your stay.

Also, don't eat brains. All of the ones here are contaminated. You'll die. No, you won't turn into a zombie. You'll just be dead. Dead. DEAD.
It's been awhile since I saw an anime post so maybe you will start one that will last (unlike my post *grumble grumble*)

Also enjoy your stay, leave your common sense at the door and you can pick it up when you leave after signing this binding contract that obligates you to never leave. Oh and you need unicorn blood to sign the contract, they are sort of hard to find now a days so you best get to looking!
Thank you for the welcome Smile
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