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Full Version: Shameless Self Promotion.
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(02-13-2013 06:17 PM)Mastersplaygrounds Wrote: [ -> ]

0 posts!? What do you call that FTL video then!?
What witchcraft is this!?
(02-13-2013 10:46 PM)Xannidel Wrote: [ -> ]
(02-13-2013 06:17 PM)Mastersplaygrounds Wrote: [ -> ]

0 posts!? What do you call that FTL video then!?
What witchcraft is this!?

It's because he was posting this in the playground.
This isn't really self promotion, but a sort-of friend of mine has been working on a cool looking indie game for Steam and likely Wii U, check 'em out:

In which we play Resident Evil 5 together.


Hey, if anyone remembered that time I mentioned I was writing some dumb book....yea, I changed the entire story now. It was about a group of demon hunters, and one of newest recruits was the MC. But, I kept screwing up when it came to the demons as well as how 'open' the characters were in society, such as were they known, if they were did they work with the government, did they work in secret and if so did that mean demons could not be seen by regular humans and why, that kinda thing. It was turning out terrible.

So now, I changed it to being about an expansive group of mages who use their magic to protect regular humans from other, shall we say, asshole mages who are trying to subjugate or kill non-magic users (I haven't decided which). The MC is a necromancer, which is seen as the 'darkest' magic among most mages, and he has hid his powers since childhood because of this. He wishes to join the non-asshole mages, hoping to find another necromancer to teach him about his powers. Anyways, this whole post was simply to see if anyone would be interested in possibly kinda sorta maybe likely reading such a story were it to ever come out, or if I should think of something else, or stop trying to write this thing entirely.
Ouberry, I'd love to read your book/story. It sounds awesome!
I'd read it (which ever one you go with). Big Grin

Time to shamelessly promote myself now. Aww yush.
Mmm, finally show off two sexy combo videos

There's also DMC 3 and 4 combo videos on there but I don't care(never really excelled at DMC4) Sad
Also, using DmC for a Vstyle Tournament(assuming I did my registration correctly).
Thanks, BumbleBro and Super.

Nice vids, Bumble. Better than I can do in either games. I usually just fuck around. I tend not to do the serious flashy combos unless I'm playing on the harder difficulties, and then it's just to fuck around while looking cool.
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