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Full Version: I really am a noob (A thread about purchasing online)
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So I have a debit card. I also want PS1 games if I were to buy them online... how would I? Step by step? I really have no idea.
Well first of all, it'd be useful to know your country because different countries have different security measures.
Main thing to do to buy with a debit card is
1 - Choose your item
2 - Go to checkout
3 - Select "debit card"
4 - Put in all your details
5 - Normally at this point, you'll be forwarded to your bank's page for more security questions
6 - Receive confirmation of purchase.

Do be careful though on which websites you use your debit card details. I only ever use mine for Amazon and big retailers that I trust. Remember, the numbers you put in can be saved by the other person and used to steal your money.
If you have a credit card, use that as you can then contact your card supplier and say "wut, I didn't buy this" and often they can give you your money back.
If you don't, ask if you can use your parent's credit card to buy things. If this is your first debit card, don't suddenly think "heyyyyyy I can buy things without my parents knowing" because that'll most probably lead to a LOT of spending Wink
I come from the UK. and also I only really wanna buy a few ps1 games and I doubt I ever will again I dont like internet shopping (at all) and only really do it if theres no choice.
A lot of UK banks give you a sort of security keyfob that you use to get a unique code to use your debit card online. If they don't, you'll just be sent to your bank's page where you answer some security questions.

If you trust the website, go for it by all means
If you have a PS1 you can try to find the original game on Ebay or Amazon.uk
Otherwise I would recommend you buy a PSN card so your credit/debit card info is not in their databanks (while I love Sony, I do not trust them with that info after last years hack attack)
Paypal is secure and I buy from eBay quite often. Couldn't recommend it more.
(09-07-2012 10:18 AM)BumblebeeCody Wrote: [ -> ]Paypal is secure and I buy from eBay quite often. Couldn't recommend it more.

Yup! Totally this! PayPal will let you put your credit card on there so it's really best option since that way your number will only be with one very secure place.

If it weren't for PayPal I really wouldn't do as much online shopping as I do. My mother has never even touched a computer before and yet somehow someone got her credit card information. Due to the protection Discover offers she didn't have to pay a cent but it's still pretty stressful not knowing how the heck it happened.
...In the UK is a debit card also a name for a credit card? ...Anyway with paypal you can connect directly to your bank account without any cards..much easier and safer if your bad with money haha.

Also you could simply emulate the PS1 games you want on PC or another platform and save yourself the trouble and money. These games are pre-owned and no profit would be going to the creators.
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