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Kyence, a Phantasy Star Cave forum junkie, has created and finished the fan translation of Phantasy Star Generation: 1 for the PlayStation 2. The downloads and information is at Phantasy Star Cave, but I've decided to post it here. To those who don't know what PSCave is, it's a Phantasy Star website by Missagh Alami with lots of information and fan stuff for the games. (Mainly the original series.) It's a major part of the online Phantasy Star community and you should check it out beyond this fan translation. I'm not affiliated with PSCave or anything like that. I'm just spreading the word because the Phantasy Star community doesn't get much love. Here's some links:

+Phantasy Star Cave
+PSCave Message Board
+PSCave's Phantasy Star Generation: 1 Page
+PSCave's PSGeneration: 1 Fan Translation Page
+PSCave's Facebook Page
+PSCave's Phantasy Star Generation: 2 Page

[Image: psg1logo.jpg]

Phantasy Star Generation: 1 is a remake of the game Phantasy Star, originally released for the Sega Master System in 1988, for the Sony PlayStation 2. It was developed by 3D AGES, a joint venture between Sega and D3 Publisher, as the first title of the Sega Ages 2500 series of games.

To learn more about the game, visit the dedicated Phantasy Star Generation: 1 game section. This section includes everything from a walkthrough to manual scans.


Phantasy Star Cave was launched in the late 90s and has since become the largest website celebrating and promoting this classic RPG series by Sega. PS Cave does not run ad revenue or any type of monetization. All content on PS Cave is user contributed.

The Phantasy Star Generation: 1 English ISO and patch is not released to replace the original game. You can purchase the Japanese version prior to downloading these files. You can also support Sega by buying other Phantasy Star games and licensed merchandise.


This complete translation of Phantasy Star Generation: 1 is made by Kyence. You can contact her through the Phantasy Star Generation: 1 English translation project thread or through Kyence's message board profile.

She would like to thank Sega, Tryphon (for adding the missing English characters), Orakio Rob (for inspiring her with his team's Portuguese translation and the invaluable decompression software that made the translation possible), Ignitz and Rodolfo (for demystifying the compression and developing the decompression software) and Missagh Alami (for spreading the word and helping to host the game).

The game credits are available.


The translation was made to be as accurate as possible. However, the translator felt it was necessary to make one change.

In the beginning of the game, Alis looks over a cliff and asks Nero to protect her. While this is probably a more powerful for the Japanese, to the translator this doesn't fit the scene and feels out of character for Alis compared to the original Phantasy Star. It was changed to have Alis swearing to avenge her brother's death and to make Lassic pay.

As this is only a translation with minimal hacking, concessions had to be done to make character, item and spell names fit into the limited character space.

Finally, there are two versions of the translation: one in which the esper who joins your party is named Lutz, and another one in which he is named Noah. This is because while in the original Japanese version of the original game his name was Lutz, it was localised as Noah in the English version. In Phantasy Star II, an esper who looks the same appears, but his name is Lutz in both languages. This has led to debate over whether or not the Noah and Lutz are the same person, and is the reason for the availability of the two versions of this translation.


Phantasy Star Generation: 1: Lutz Edition - This ISO download includes the full English translation.

Phantasy Star Generation: 1: Noah Edition - This ISO download includes the full English translation.

If you are interested in manually applying a patch to the original Japanese ISO: Phantasy Star Generation: 1: Lutz Edition patch / Phantasy Star Generation: 1: Noah Edition patch.

We recommend using PCSX2 for emulation. This Playstation 2 emulator is available for Windows, Mac and Linux. Read the Readme file in the game download for more emulation notes.


This translation was developed by long time Phantasy Star fans for both new and long time PS fans! The hard work has finally been done! But now we will need your help to spread the word so that old fans of the series can find their way back to the community and a whole new audience of gamers can experience the Phantasy Star series through this exclusive project.

You can support us by:

+Spreading the word: write about this project at your favorite gaming website, news portal, message board, YouTube channel and so on. Many webmasters, publishers, YouTubers and content creators would love to write about/stream this! Tell everyone!
+Engage in the community, join our message board and connect with fellow fans!
+Discuss this project by replying in the Phantasy Star Generation: 1 English translation project thread. Report bugs, typos or just send a thank you note to Kyence!
+Like our Facebook page! We will release updates about this project, any Phantasy Star Generation: 2 development and general Phantasy Star goodies!


Regarding the development of a Phantasy Star Generation: 2 translation, Kyence noted: "Gen:2 does automatically recognize the Clear Game Data from my translation; it stores it on the memory card separately from your PS1 save screen. Also, I took a look at the event file: there is only 30 event files of text in the game. However, there is lots of words in graphics for cutscenes and the battles/menus that require a more efficient method of editing them. I will need help with that."

If you believe that you can assist with this or any other part of the translation process, please reply to Phantasy Star Generation: 1 English translation project thread. At this moment, there will be a break before any concrete production on Generation: 2 will be made, mainly to see the general response of the Generation: 1 release. This period will provide important research and feedback to determine if a Generation: 2 translation project is possible.

Any updates about this will be posted at our Facebook fan page and in the Phantasy Star Generation: 1 English translation project thread.
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