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Yeah I got alot of DYK about my favorite game but this one tops the list. If you've played Goldeneye and gotten to the "Silo" mission you maybe have noticed that the level is out of place and well quite frankly doesn't fit in with the movie or any 007 movie. Well actually in a supposed very early beta build in GE the silo mission was in-fact going to be a Casino based mission. If you look into the games memory you can see numerous items that are never used in the game such as Money, Gold bar and even a usable spy camera which all were used in the Casino level. The level would have taken place before the Frigate which would fit perfect and play along side the movie. Also to note at the end Xenia says "This time the pleasures all mine" and in the movie bond sleeps with Xenia during the casino bit so it also may have hinted at the possible Casino mission.

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