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I know this game will probably never see the light of day nor will Rare ever acknowledge anything about KI, but would anyone else like me want this? I loved KI as a kid and use to listen to the Killer Instinct Killer Cuts soundtrack and loved every single song. Ken Lobb from Rare said 2 years ago that they wanted to make KI 3 and even wanted to bring it XBLA. I mean in retrospect it was like one of the first if not THE game that required a hell of alot of precision and skill to be able to pull of the incredible and badass ultra combos and ultimate combos. I do believe this game if released on XBLA would be a HUGE success and would give games like Street Fighter/Marvel vs Capcom/Tekken a serious run for its money. Unfortunately Microsoft has even told Rare they want them more focused on child friendly games and KI3 or really anything from Rare will never exist unless its for children. Angry Still I think it's all just a nostalgia trip but KI3 would be amazing and i'm positive i'm not the only one here who thinks that. Should all petition and make Nintendo buy back Rare so they can finally do justice and reclaim their rightful title as one of the best developers ever once again. Yeah I got a hard on for Rare.
Love this fan made video

Wrong section brosinskimeiserite, this belongs in Gaming.
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I like this type of game.
Well Arjahn already stated it but, wrong section. Anyway you have just poured fuel on my fire for this series making a return I don't care who Rare belongs to as long as they are allowed to be awesome again and make original content and stop all this Kinect Sports bullshit. Rare was fucking amazing Microsoft why did you have to ruin that!?! Also a side note for Rare, if you do anything like what you did to the Banjo Kazooie series to any more of your games I will murder everyone who ever had a part in making this future abomination.
Fun Fact cingchris: Rare was ruined before Microsoft purchased them. Microsoft really didn't do anything. Like, majority of the key people in Rare were already gone before they got bought.
Yeah alot of the Rare team members behind Goldeneye went and started Free Radical Design which created the amazing Timesplitter series which is now Crytek UK
(08-29-2012 04:53 AM)Aimbuttenz Wrote: [ -> ]Yeah alot of the Rare team members behind Goldeneye went and started Free Radical Design which created the amazing Timesplitter series which is now Crytek UK

And I freaking love that game series too (except for the first one, but that's probably because I was spoiled by the second one before I played the first.) and they should make a fourth one, I'm sure everyone would love it. (as long as it isn't that freaky cousin of the series, you know what cousin I'm talkin' about)
But we won't get a 4th one anytime soon because Crytek UK thinks there isn't enough demand for the game.

Future Perfect was HILARIOUS. I absolutely loved that game.
Would LOVE to see a new KI
Probably going to have some Kinect gimmick in there somewhere
I absolutely LOVE the music.
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