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Bored so i made this video too see if anybody needs these to complete some games.
When I was younger I used to take the manuals from my PS1 and N64 and read through them in bed. Games like Tekken would give a small backstory on the character with additional info like age, full name, measurements and others... nowadays you get stingy developers that consider a folded A4 paper with Xbox LIVE crap a manual. Thankfully the Wii still offers great looks manuals with full colour and lots of info.
I never used those "Notes" sections though.
The notes section. Ahh, memories.

I love manuals, they aren't needed much anymore because, for the most part, the games have crazy in-depth tutorials. Although I will miss reading the stories in the manuals that aren't included in-game.
I loved manuals for the "out-game" content, like the stories and stuff like that. But games nowadays can very well tell their tales and give you all the info you need by their own, which makes them almost useless.

Still, it's disappointing when you open the box of a brand new game and only see some useless papers instead of real manual. I felt like this when I bought The Orange Box. There was only a paper with the controls for each game. It was made with such an attention that it said you could run in Team Fortress 2 if you held Shift button. It's never been possible.

But since I only buy games on Steam now, I don't really mind manuals. I do just fine without them.

EDIT: Btw, The Witcher comes with a nice manual and an official walkthough even in the Steam version. Red Projekt is really nice!
Woah! That's a lot! Nice of you to offer to give them away.

I'm a completion addict so I'm only missing the one for Parappa the Rapper because I was freaking tricked. It had the front and back cover with the guts missing. UGH.
Do you live in a submarine ?
(08-28-2012 04:36 AM)BumblebeeCody Wrote: [ -> ]I never used those "Notes" sections though.
Oh.. I used those. I remember Conker's Bad Fur Day's manual had a cheat codes section to unlock multiplayer characters. However, they didn't list all of those (including the conker code) and I had to write those long-ass codes on the note section so I didn't need to check the internetz everytime I'd play :#
Yeah you get those odd developers like CD Projekt Red who still give you manuals in full colour. Capcom give you greyscale manuals but it's better than nothing. Epic Games, NetheRealm etc however, just give you a small A4 piece of paper. A small section about the game (maybe 5 lines long) and the rest is about connecting to Xbox LIVE and some Health and Safety wank.

I have an issue with this because I'm buying the full retail game. That's cool if buy games on Steam and get an additional PDF manual but for us that buy the retail game; that's why games are full priced, because they are supposed to give us manuals. But with the game gaming is nowadays, you pay full price for a lazy A4 manual and content cut everywhere from the game and repackaged as DLC or stop you from using online with online passes.

I love CD Projekt for saying "Thanks for buying our game regardless". Consoles can have Witcher 2 with additional free expansions and PC users can get it free too. So much respect for that company.

(08-30-2012 10:28 PM)Symphony Wrote: [ -> ]Oh.. I used those. I remember Conker's Bad Fur Day's manual had a cheat codes section to unlock multiplayer characters. However, they didn't list all of those (including the conker code) and I had to write those long-ass codes on the note section so I didn't need to check the internetz everytime I'd play :#

I can't remember what the cheat code was but one of them was along the lines of WESLDERSBENCH of something. That was the only time I ever used the notes section.
I grew up more in the later half of the 90's and only had a SNES during the entire N64 and Gamecube era, but what I lacked in consoles I made up for in Super Mario World, and I read that manual so many damn times. I loved reading the enemy names and the information on each of the koopalings, and I also remember really wanting to call the support line to ask about how I could beat that one evil secret world you had to use the stupid balloon in...
Fuck you flying volcano flowers.
Sometimes, I still need a manual to complete some stuff in a game. For example, when I started playing Skyrim, I wondered how I was suppose to fill soul gems. Unfortunately, there was no information :(

But I remember some old games that I had and that liked reading the manuals (like Disgaea 2 on the PSP; the characters information are awesome ^_^)

Funny story actually, when I was younger, I traded my Super Mario 64 game with my cousin's Pokemon Stadium. I was really happy... for the first 5 years. Now, I was getting bored of it (No leveling up? That's lame...) So I told my cousin that I wanted to trade back my game.

But guess this: he told me he always OWNED Super Mario 64 and that he never HAD Pokemon Stadium! I was mad, cause I knew the truth, so we argued, but he never gave it back.

After, I told my mom what happened and she said she never remembered me owning Mario in the first place. So I was heartbroken... no one believed me :(

After that, I stopped playing the N64, so I didn't care anymore. But a few years later, I wanted to play LoZ again, so I took the N64 that was in my mom's drawer (we put games that we never play anymore there).

But THEEEEEEEN, I found Super Mario 64's manual under the N64! Which means that if I had the manual, I had the game in the first place! SO I WASN'T LYING AND I WAS RIGHT! I was gonna tell my mom that I can now trade the game back, but I remembered that my cousin was 9-10 years older then me and that he was now in the marines... so there's no chance getting it back ._.
(08-30-2012 06:58 PM)SERIOUSLY THOUGH Wrote: [ -> ]Do you live in a submarine ?


I agree with all of you manuals used be so useful and now we get pooped on.
Is it a yellow submarine? Yellow submarine? Yellow submarine?
Anyways, I lost my BF3 manual and I can't find it. But I don't mind not having a manual for a shooter. Because, and I quote "inshtrucshunz are 4 fagz, believe it."
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