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Full Version: Nice to see a forum that is streamlined.
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To many times I see forums with 10 or even 20 topics. Great to see you guys streamlined the subjects.

Anyone agree?
As in a million topics? Because that will happen eventually. So far we're doing pretty good though.
We'd like to keep things video game-related. The topics are great enough so that people don't wonder about what to post where, but we're not going to have "Dark_Dimension's House of ____" or whatever.

In the case that people have things to say about topics other than video gaming, there is the general as well as miscellaneous section.
Well this forum is off to a great start and the mods are doing a nice job keeping the riff raff (grievers and what not) so I have faith that a great community will grow from here.
Plus, as far as I know, everybody here who has an account to this forum are respectful people who don't troll a lot and have a lot of passion for gaming. So it would be rare for something bad to happen.

Then again, this IS really, really new, so maybe I'll be wrong in a couple of weeks >_>


I like this forum. It is nice. The people seem to be nice too. That is all. Hello.
Hello Beardy
We all really miss your ass
Get it back here please

Crap, this belongs in the Haiku thread Sad

[Image: 8Mrbi.jpg]

Mandatory on-topic note - In response to Nuudoru, yep, we're getting close to the many, many threads that were predicted
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