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Well, as my 1,000th post, I thought I'd finally and officially introduce myself.

I'm SERIOUSLY THOUGH, I like video games, Pokémans, and reminding Canadians that their head of state is the Queen and that they should therefore spell things like she does (trust me, I've tried to tell them and they just won't listen).


Feel free to ask me some more questions about myself - I've lived in seven countries over my 22 years of existence so I've got a fair few stories to tell Smile

I also started with Bulbasaur so all you haters gonna hate
You started with Bulbasaur? You are an officer and a scholar.
Welcome to the forum
Hah, Cody beat you to it Big Grin
(08-26-2012 10:38 AM)BumblebeeCody Wrote: [ -> ]Welcome to the forum

Thanks Smile I hope that we will be friends. Now I'm off to submit a DYKG in the "Help me!" thread

[spammy signature with random advert for chinese import remote controlled helicopters]
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