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mine is a tie for TMNT on nes and Contra on nes
This one's an easy option but Superman 64. My boxing day was spent in rage Big Grin
Ultimate Ghosts and Goblins on the PSP.

Scratch that, the whole damn series.
The Toxic Tower level in Diddy Kong Quest..... Need i say more
Demon's Souls
I've played a lot like DMC3, all Ninja Gaidens, Battletoads and Ikaruga but Dodonpachi Resurrection is insanely hard. I've never really gotten into Touhou but I love Dodonpachi Resurrection and that game is probably the hardest I've ever played. I love the challenge but trying to be perfect at is brutal.

I never really found Demon's Souls that hard. once you understand the game you really adapt to it, unlike a game like Megaman/Super Meat Boy which has silly enemy patterns to throw you off.

There are some games like Silver Surfer on the NES but that game is stupid difficult. Demons Souls/Ninja Gaiden is rewarding difficult but that game on the NES....(I was happy to see AVGN go through that ha)
It was kind of a joke. It's not a difficult game, it just takes patience.

I don't really know what the hardest game I ever played was.
Let's see...

Gitaroo Man on Master mode and Shin Megami Tensei: Nocturne on Nightmare difficulty.
Mega Man 10 maybe. I beat it on Easy. I can barely scratch the surface on Normal, even with Bass...
Resident Evil 4 ont he hardest difficulty.

Ninja Gaiden. Well, anything in the series but Sigma 2.
Minesweeper (just kidding, that one is only for the lols)

Have to say the hardest game I played was Online Chess (broke a mouse and a keyboard from all the frustration, lol (don't worry, they were like 5 years old and the combined price was 10$ when new) in the end I won against some random Romanian guy on time and swore never to play Chess again (only exception would be if I play it with a girl in Iceland, because apparently, it's against the law to play Chess while having sex in Iceland, talk about being a badass outlaw)

From normal games... Um... I remember hitting my keyboard on the Helicopter mission in GTA Vice City (didn't break it though)... Other than that, mostly Sega games, but which one was hard? That is harder than others... Don't have a clue...

Alladin was hard I guess, remember I always used to pass a lot of stages using cheats (press start and then A,A,B,B,C,C, A,A,B,B,C,C, A,A,B,B,C,C...)

Oh, I wrote too much for such a simple question Confused
A hard game would be Front Mission 4. Maybe I just sucked at it, but by the end of the game you are outnumbered 6 to probably 40 enemies which all can 1 shot you.
LITTLE MERMAID for the Game Boy.
GODDAMIT that game was impossible. I think I once got to level three, and that's about it.
Chips Challenge, I could never beat that game without using in the automatic "Hey we noticed you suck at this game. Do you want to skip this level?" button. That's not actually what it says but it may as well say it.
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