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Anyhow here been playing it? I played the trail yesterday on Xbox (along with A zombie riot who was also playing it, although I didn't play with him), and then bought it today for PC, unfortunately my brother's computer is the only one that can run it, and because of this I have to play on his steam.

It's very fun, I do quite well in matches, but this may be because a lot of people are new to it, and just bought it due to the fact they didn't buy any other versions and this graphically improved one seemed nice.

I have the original, along with CZ, and Deleted Scenes, but for now this one seems more fun, but a lot of weapons feel more and less powerful.
I played the trial on PS3 and it was one of the worst online experiences. Incredibly boring and bad controls.
I owned Source a long time ago. Used to play that thing daily.

Then I ended up getting Counter-Strike on the Xbox and played that nearly daily. I still have the game, too.

I had fun with it yesterday. I'm considering getting it.
I'm skeptical on it. I don't like how the game itself works, and that's kind of a big part of the game. So I most likely won't get it.
I never liked Counter-Strike before Global Offensive, but since I got the in the closed beta to translate it to Portuguese, I started playing and it felt a lot more fun than any other CS I've ever played. Maybe because I was mostly playing with bots, rather than super adicted, annoying 12 years old humans.

I'm up for a match, though. Add me on Steam: assassinbrd
(08-25-2012 11:52 PM)agentkuo Wrote: [ -> ]I played the trial on PS3 and it was one of the worst online experiences. Incredibly boring and bad controls.


Well there's your problem.
I've played Source and pre ordered this one, mainly for the TF2 promo item, and I'll say that it can be fun, especially in modes like Arms race where you can't just keep using the same really powerful weapons that you want to. That being said, I still don't love CS for a lot of reasons.
Me and Duago have been playing Daily, Fun stuff. Join our clan "The Dread Pirates"
My bad, I played Dust 514, not Counter Strike.
I bought it yesterday and played a few games against the bots. The first game I played, I was getting PISSED that I couldn't do anything. The only thing I could do was run around the map and look at the enemies.

Turns out that the controls didn't exist and I had to restore them to default. Weird and stupid.
Bots aren't really helpful, they take a long time to react to each other and have auto aim which is annoying.
I haven't had problems with them.
You should spectate them when you're dead, when they see an enemy they pause for some time and then start to fire.

The AI in them is very smart though, they can plant and defuse bombs, as well as call out positions and buy separate weapons and items.
...that's the point of bots though.

if you're really complaining about them having auto-aim, you're doing it wrong.
No I'm not, I'm just saying that playing with bots is kind of boring...
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