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Today, gentlemen I'm going to introduce myself on this community through this official post.
About me... not very much... In general:
I like cats, anime, Zelda , Team Fortress 2 and some other games (you can see them in my steam account here)
I hope we have a lot of fun together *rape face
[Image: link_raep_face_by_linkrapefaceplz.png]
The forums welcome you!

(08-24-2012 09:00 AM)kamixaqui Wrote: [ -> ]I hope we have a lot of fun together

[Image: vegeta_rape_face_by_zerothehedgehog360-d2ztdtf.png]

Oh, we will....
Welcome to the-[Image: link_raep_face_by_linkrapefaceplz.png] and um.... [Image: vegeta_rape_face_by_zerothehedgehog360-d2ztdtf.png]
[Image: hwoEO.png]
[Image: ck2gU.gif]
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