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Full Version: Hey Everyone.
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I'm Lone, it's a pleasure to make your acquaintance. I'm hoping to make a few new friends during my stay. I'm a decent enough guy. Maybe just a tad bit weird. Makes things interesting, though.
Welcome! Drinks are to the left, snacks to the right. I'm Beware of Cuccos, the village elder. You'll love it here. Everyone is great. Awesome mods too.
Thank you. Smile
Welcome Cool
Many thanks.
Welcome to the forum chief.
Thank you for the welcome, my good man.
Welcome to the forums!

I hope you slightly enjoy your stay. I said slightly, because I don't want you getting too comfortable. I might release the zombies.... you never know.
uh, welcome.

I also found what you were looking for...
[Image: ybkdf.jpg?1?4559]

Now, take it, humble man.
Zombies, you say? I'll be sure to keep on my toes.

zinja, I bow to your greatness.
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