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When main quest NPC's glitch out and you cannot complete the game.
(06-27-2012 02:13 AM)Nuudoru Wrote: [ -> ]My friend bought Lollipop Chainsaw the other day and asked me to look up something in the instruction manual. I was terrified to find out it was only a piece of paper with the typical mandatory X360 warnings and such. There wasn't a single piece of info about the game.

My favorite example of a good manual was the original Pokemon Red/Blue manual that included a lot of official art and a bunch of random facts that might be good to know when playing the game.

I miss that. I miss when games would come with a ton of artwork, maps, charts, lists, etc.
TEDIOUS AND UNNECESSARY FECTH QUESTS. Nobody really likes fetch quests, but when you have to spend hours and hours grabbing random crap, then it becomes really annoying (and yes, I'm looking at you Wind Waker). Other than that, One Hit KO moves from bosses, random critical hits killing you in everything (seriously TF2...why?), and annoying people online.
Not hearing a vital piece of a conversation. Its drives me crazy because i'm either wanting to know the story or its something to complete the mission.

Protection/Escort missions. I don't want to protect you. Get a weapon and protect yourself like I do.
What really annoys me is when I pay $60 for a game and then I put it in my 360 and it ends up sucking all the scrotums in the world and doesn't even feel like a complete game with tons of bugs, exploits, and crappy AI.
The best example of what I'm talking about would have to be Brink while it's exempted from the "bugs" part of that as far as I could see it qualifies for everything else...I mean seriously finish your games before they're released.
Release day DLC
(06-26-2012 09:38 PM)jhek3200 Wrote: [ -> ]
(06-26-2012 07:20 PM)Nuudoru Wrote: [ -> ]Backtracking.

I fucking hate backtracking.


Who the fuck likes to motherfucking backtrack?!?

Well, Metroid (A big example) is really good about back tracking in my opinion. When you finally have that weapon that you need to open that one door, its just a good feeling to me.
When the opponent ragequits right when you are about to beat them and the game doesn't implement that as a loss for them or a win for you.

Especially in fighting games.
Walking through a patch of tall grass 40 spaces long and then get a Pokemon battle at the last step. FML
When you're about to kill someone and get the points for killing them, and they decide to randomly suicide and leave you with nothing.
(06-26-2012 06:20 PM)SlothyPunk Wrote: [ -> ]Not really games/other gamers, but my girlfriend has a real bad habit of starting to talk to me right as a cutscene starts. Never when I'm randomly running around doing pointless things LOL

This. This also goes for movies, for me, though. I am someone who gets really deeply involved in what I'm doing, and I am just really irritated by anyone with a short attention span who is also inconsiderate. (Not that I'm saying your girlfriend is either of those)

If we're talking about actual stuff IN games... I really hate it when I'm at end game and it just starts to drag ass for several hours. I'm always so excited for the finale - ready to finish the damn thing - and then it just stagnates. I hate that so much.
Two words...Escort missions.

I hate having to escort some slow moving object from point A to B. Especially when, you have the whole enemy army trying to attack it.
(06-28-2012 07:08 AM)zspartancats Wrote: [ -> ]Two words...Escort missions.

I hate having to escort some slow moving object from point A to B. Especially when, you have the whole enemy army trying to attack it.

The entire game of Amy.
Singly player gameplay: QTEs, fetch-quests, and escort missions.

Multiplayer games: when the opponent keeps using the same move, and only that move, simply because it's a cheap, strong attack.
Also, part of the multiplayer. I play Dark Souls, and sometimes PvP. Well, it's common courtesy to bow to your opponent in Dark Souls to inform them you're ready to fight. Well, I was in a heavily populated area, and someone invaded me. I managed to get away from the horde and place a message that essentially told the guy/girl to wait there for a second. They seemed to understand, so I went back to take care of the horde, in order to hav a larger fighting ground to fight the other player. I'm about to take down the last enemy, and the other player comes up behind me and critical hits me, leaving me with half my health. As I'm trying to stand up, the player is attacking me, not even allowing me to get up. The point here is, I dislike people who aren't courteous.
Those uber-cool looking NPCs in some RPG's with all the awesome equipment, who only turn out to be good for handing out tedious quests.
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