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Full Version: Favorite Pokemon Generation?
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Pokemon has seen several updates to its roster of murderous creatures given to children with no supervision to battle with, but, in your opinion, which generation was the best?

Key for those of you who don't know the generations by game,
Kanto = Red, Blue, Fire Red, Leaf Green
Johto = Gold, Silver, Crystal
Hoenn = Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald
Sinnoh = Diamond, Pearl, Platinum
Unova = Black, White, Black 2, White 2
Orre = Coliseum, Pokemon XD Gale of Darkness (Gamecube titles)
I used to think Gen 2 most of the time because it was such an improvement over red and bleu. But lately i rly started to like the Gen 5 pokemon and mechanics so i'll vote for Unova.

Also i can't wait for an english release of black and white 2
I like Gen 2, because most of my favourite pokemon are in it. I'm not too fond of Gen 4 pokemon for some reason, none of the pokemon appealed to me.
Well, I like fourth gen the most. I don't know why but I really like it. Big Grin
I also think gen 2. I remember playing the shit outta Red and Blue, and then finding out about Gold and Silver and just absolutely being BLOWN AWAY by it. The game was a real improvement, and the feel of it back then was just such an amazing experience. It's the kinda thing I don't think I'll ever feel again (partially because I'm older now).
I guess I will be the first to say gen. 1 was my favorite. Generation 1 started it all and the Pokemon were both memorable and had a kind of uniqueness to them. I never played Emerald/Ruby/The other one so I can't say anything about gen. 3. I did play Platinum and I also have White and I did like them both for what they were (white was pretty awesome) and looking forward to buying White 2.
I really liked generation 2 because of the fact that a lot of the generation pokemons had a new evolution. Also, 2 of my favorite pokemons (Mismagius and Sudowoodo) comes from generation 2 ^_^

But, I also like the fact that in generation 5, you have unlimited TM use (I think...)
Gen. 3 is the one for me. It was the one I grew up with and came to know the most, I had the most fun with it as did many of my friends.
Cant... pick ... just one
firered is wot?

gen 1 or 3?
I like Johto the best, but I like all of them so far. I still haven't played Black/White yet though.
Kanto region is my favorite... which really makes me feel old Big Grin
(06-27-2012 12:31 AM)Metal Wrote: [ -> ]firered is wot?

gen 1 or 3?

I think they mean by region. Kanto = Gen 1.
Gonna have to go with Johto. I just remember it being so good at the time, and thne when I discovered you could return to Kanto, mind blown.
It also introduced my favourite pokemon Misdreavus.
Hoenn, I origianlly played leaf green, then i got emerald and the cool feeling of seeing all new pokemon, great feeling
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