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Now I am not a religious man but I do Bruce Almighty/Even Almighty. Those two movies are just fantastic and Bruce Almighty is one of my personal favorite Jim Carrey films (outside of The Mask and Ace Ventura series) and while watching it I always wonder what I would do if I was ever given the opportunity to be God.

I would work towards understanding illnesses and working towards mankind getting to a reliable cure and also work on fixing world hunger/3rd world countries and also try to see how I could cure cancer victims that did not involve chemo and what not.

So I am curious what everyone else would do.

Please note that if ANYONE tries to bring religion other then what I originally asked then I will find a way to lock this post. I do not want to hear your opinion on religion or anything like that.
I would like to experiment mostly.

Give everyone a random superpower.
Give the world Pokémon
Never make World War 2 happen.

See if by changing history the world would change.

If I had the ability to heal, I'd use it in hospitals and such, just by touching the person on their hand or something, it would cure their disease/virus etc.

In general, I'd probably just make the world a better place, and give it things, ability to travel through space, never give anyone the idea of war etc.

I'd also go back in time and live through some years, preferably in the 20's onward (skipping the 30's and possibly 40's), just to see how it was.
If you never made WWII happen then what's stopping you from living in the 30's and possibly the 40's?
The great depression I can understand for the early 30s but...Ohhh actually never mind I think I got ya.
I would eliminate religion.
(08-20-2012 09:25 AM)Zaliphone Wrote: [ -> ]I would eliminate religion.
[Image: back_to_the_future_part_2_1989.jpg]
I wouldn't do anything because I would never be god.

Sorry, but I think this thread is stupid. :/
I would kickstart the apocalypse and remove humanity
I'd bring Lucky Charms to every European supermarket
(08-20-2012 03:49 PM)A Zombie Riot Wrote: [ -> ]I wouldn't do anything because I would never be god.

Sorry, but I think this thread is stupid. :/

It's just meant to make you think a little, that's all. Maybe God is saying too much but what if you had God like powers? Would you do good, bad or just try to remain neutral? Would you let people know about your power?
I would appear all over the world under the appearance of each different religion's God or Gods. That way everyone is right and we can all be friends.
I would make the X-gene in X-man real.

Then I would make a generations of kids in different countries absurdly intelligent just to make science take a huuuge leap. Also make sure some of those kids go to work on video games.
If I were god, everyone would hate me.

For obvious reasons.

But I would also have these people who aren't really all that intelligent, but they still give their utmost faith to me, even though I really do nothing to deserve it.
"If" I were god?!?!
But I am no merciful god.
If I were god, I'd show myself to the world, and show that I am supportive of the GSM (LGBT) community. And that I ain't a jerk, and that I'm cool, and fancy and whatever. I dunno. I'd probably also hang out in a hot tub.
(08-23-2012 01:22 PM)agentkuo Wrote: [ -> ]I'd probably also hang out in a hot tub.

The Holy Hot-tub. It's got a certain ring to it Big Grin
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