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Are you able to replay a game when you beat it, and if so why? What makes a game replayable?

Me personally, I can't really come back to a game when I've already beaten it, I just find it boring because if the game is driven by a story I already know it and don't really want to experience the same story twice. Now when I am able to replay a game it's usually because it has a simple concept and it's not really set in stone what you're supposed to do, (games like the Super Smash Bros. series for example) or when they offer new and more challenging modes. (and I'm talking about a difficulty change [although I have replayed games on the hardest difficulty on my Xbox but that's mostly due to achievement hunting] I'm talking about actually adding something to the game to make it harder by changing the gameplay in some way)
Multiple endings like in a game like Heavy Rain or even Mass Effect 3 (shut up, the ending was not THAT bad so stop being a drama queen).
If the game has multiple endings that is enough incentive for me to replay it. This is one of the reasons why I play Fallout New Vegas on multiple games, the endings that game have are quite nice.
I played through Dead Space 6 times. It wasn't heavy on the story, although the story was very good. I guess when you have great gameplay like that, that's all it takes sometimes.
I replay games when I haven't played them for a while or forgot how it goes. Then it's like a whole new game.
The only way a game can make me replay it from start to finish is having really memorable moments (Half-Life 2 games) or being very short or easy (Portal). There are games, though, that just have the resources to make you keep playing it even after you beat the main story. Arkham City and Assassin's Creed games, for instance, have a lot of side missions and stuff to loot, and that's great. At least if you like going after a 100% completion. =P
Depends on the type of gamer too.

Some games like Heavy Rain give you option the completely change how you played your game first time through. Mass Effect has a pretty direct version of that (good or bad).

Some games like Resident Evil, Mario, Zelda, Sonic (and lots more) have a large speed running community. Completing the game in the fastest time possible is a fun challenge.

Games that primarily based on multiplayer/versing an opponent like Fighting Games can stand the test of time. Games like Super Turbo are still being played today at high level tournaments 20+ years on. But it's because the mechanics don't age so the replay-ability is endless.

As with this generation (Xbox 360 especially) there are these achievements/trophies so it gives you a reason to go back and play through the game on hard/without shooting someone/without dying etc
I replay a game if I enjoy it and found it fun. As for me games are all about being fun if I found them fun I'll replay it.. (for fun). However if its a story driven game I probably wont (unless there is multiple endings) or big games I'll try to get 100% to keep playing it.
Some other games I played through a bunch are Uncharted 1 (for the trophies), Uncharted 2 (And spent about a year playing the multiplayer).

And classic games, like Super Mario Bros. 3.
I love replaying games I enjoy. To me, it's the same as rereading a very interesting book. Some of my favorites games to replay are-

-Ocarina of Time. It's very interesting to see how many hidden items I can remember on my own, and how many dungeons I can go through without the help of a walkthrough.
-A Link to the Past. Same as above. There are just so many items and sidequests in the Zelda games, I never get bored.
-Banjo-Kazooie. I ALWAYS have a fun time playing this game. By the time I beat it and start over, I forget some stuff, so it's like starting a brand new game.

most of the other games I play aren't really "beatable", such as The Sims and Mario Kart. I know technically you can do a legacy in The Sims, and finish all the races in Mario Kart, but I never play them that way.
I like replaying games that I haven't played in a while, or to test my ability.

For example, I played Fallout 3 last summer because I loved it so much and wanted to play a different style.

I also played Halo 2 again for the Legendary, I stopped halfway because I want to see if I can beat it.

I usually replay games for the achievements, like in Halo Reach, I finished the Normal Campaign, then finished the Legendary a week later.

Metal Gear Solid 4 on the other hand is annoying to play to get the trophy's because I finished it 2 months ago, and it's still fresh in my head, so I don't really want to go through all of it again.
I almost always replay games. What makes the replayability is if there is something to do after you beat. Like trophies/achievements, because I love completing games completely they add a ton of replayabilty.
(08-17-2012 03:59 PM)zinja Wrote: [ -> ]I replay games when I haven't played them for a while or forgot how it goes. Then it's like a whole new game.

Exactly this, then you kinda remember things as you go along and it feels good Cool
If there's stuff to unlock then it totally keeps be coming back. Ouendan is a really good example because of the bonus pictures, ranks, and levels that you can unlock as well as improving your score. Sadly, once you've Sed ranked everything though, it sort of loses a reason to make you come back to it.

Heck, in general music games are good for re-playability since it's usually just individual levels you can go back and replay. I also had a ball with Gitaroo Man and Space Channel 5.

Since the games are so linear it takes awhile, but I do go back to the Phoenix games occasionally to experience the story over again.

Oh, Pokemon is of course one because I try to mix up my team a bit and see how it goes.

Since I love the game more than life itself I love playing the first PS2 Devil Summoner. That game matches me perfectly in terms of what I enjoy; a good story, humor, cool character designs, multiple demons to recruit, and a sexy mad scientist.
3 words: Binding of Isaac.
I can always replay any Pokémon over and over again. It's the only game series I'm always happy to replay and never frustrated to restart.
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