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I'm curious as to where to get odd and end gaming stuff. Share some trustworthy websites, please.

-stuffed animals/plush toys

Especially stuff for older games. It's so hard to find!
I personally love Ocarina of Time and A Link to the Past the most (with anything involving The Sims in a close second)
Type your favorite game and maybe someone will know where to buy good stuff, and if you know where, please let us know! Smile
I got lucky and found someone who wanted to sell their classic Eggman plush and bank on a Sonic forum. Forums are sometimes hidden gold mines since the people there will give you a fair deal as opposed to eBay or Amazon.

If you can find the name in Japanese, Yahoo Auctions Japan is an excellent place but it'll cost you since you'll need to go through a site to bid for you and pay their fees as well. That's how I obtained my vinyl Black Frost, which was just available in Japan as a pre order bonus with Digital Devil Saga 2.

Mandarake is another website that a lot of people use to find rare items, so they frequently sell out. You'll want to find a good translator since many of the item descriptions are in Japanese and the items are occasionally in not that great of shape.
Well I've never ordered anything from Play-Asia, but I've heard they're reliable.

Yard/Garage/Rummage Sales are often great places to find old games.

As for clothes/accessories, I'm not really sure.
^ Yeah, Play-Asia is awesome, but that's also the problem. EVERYONE gets their stuff from there and so they sell out super quickly. It stinks ><
Boy am I really lame.
I used to buy games at gamestop, now I get them from Amazon.
Any accesories like a mouse or headset then I will look at Best buy or other retail stores because if I am going to get ripped off, I might as well get ripped off locally plus if they break or do not work then I can take it back quickly.
GameStop actually isn't bad for buying games in some cases.
I can find games no problems, but i'm having a hard time finding other things. I'll be buying my first house soon. Going for a three bedroom. It's just going to be me (and probably a bunch of cats I will no doubt get to fill the void) and I would like to make the other rooms into a music room, and a gaming/movie room. I want to find some good posters for some of my favorite games- Ocarina of Time, A Link to the Past, and The Sims. Maybe even some Banjo-Kazooie stuff. I'm also looking for some set-around decor, figurines and such. I just have no idea where to start, and I don't always trust eBay or Etsy.
The only gaming merch I tend to get is old things I find on Ebay Smile
Check the seller ratings
Yeah, to sound a bit "generic", I bought all of my crap from eBay. I generally go with those who are stores within' eBay with a lot of positive feedback. Those people on eBay are your best bet because they're PlayAsia but much cheaper. Pretty much all of my collection was bought from eBay and I had 0 issues with any of them. Play-asia are still pretty good damn good for some rare finds like Super Mario 64 Shindou

I'd also recommend checking your game retailers (Gamestop, EB Games etc) official websites (or stores) for random gaming merchandise. My stores stock Mario/Nintendo figures or other gaming related merchandise.

You could also try club Nintendo area and use your coins (I think they're coins) to buy a few cool items from there.

And I guess lastly buying random gaming magazines for free gifts...
Amazon and Ebay. Just make sure they're not terrible quality bootlegs from China or Hong Kong. I'm not saying all stuff from there is bad, but it usually is. Also has a ton of stuf, but they can be overpriced or shipping can be kind of expensive.
I usually check game shops in places I live, such as GAME, Gamestation and Cex, hell I really want Metal Gear Solid: The Twin Snakes, cheapest I ever found it was in there for £24.00, and this was in Slough.

Online, eh, Ebay, Amazon, you're better off trusting the sites you know that something different.
Ok, I will start with eBay and check the sellers ratings. Then go from there. Thanks guys Smile
(08-18-2012 05:13 PM)retrolinkx Wrote: [ -> ]I usually check game shops in places I live, such as GAME, Gamestation and Cex, hell I really want Metal Gear Solid: The Twin Snakes, cheapest I ever found it was in there for £24.00, and this was in Slough.

I was in Slough a few months back, visiting a friend, and in a shopping centre (can't remember the name of it. EDIT - Observatory shopping centre, google says Wink) there was this independent game shop. It had the weirdest pricing ranges. Some games were dirt cheap, and others were ridiculously expensive (including a CSI game for £50).

I left confused Big Grin
For games, it's almost always GameStop.

For everything else:
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I'm guessing you guys have probably heard about them, but First4Figures is a really good company to keep an eye on for the statues they're releasing.

Next up in the Zelda line is a very snazzy statue of Ganondorf; good luck getting the rupees for him:,103/
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