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Full Version: Black Ops Vita.
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This is a different game to Black Ops 2 people, this is Black Ops 1 on the Vita I believe.

So has anyone else seen this?

To be honest, for a system that is supposedly sporting "graphics of the PS3" I expect better, right now this seems like a HD version of an Xbox/PS2 game, with 240p textures.

They have had some time to work on it, if this is the final build this is pretty bad, Sony have had decent looking games on the system, and with this it really demeans what this system can do, or so I've heard.

If the Vita goes down to about £100, I'd get it with this, since this seems interesting, but this may be one of those no man land multiplayer games I assume, since many people probably won't like playing it due to it being worse that other CoD's on console.

So guys, what about your opinions?
Looks slightly rushed from the trailer. Though it might turn out to have kick-ass gameplay and excellent controls so I'll reserve judgment 'til then
Never was a big fan of CoD and I do not know about FPS games on handhelds (I suck at them on consoles too)
Graphics look meh I guess but there are better looking games then this and as SERIOUSLY said it does look sort of rushed.
If they can make this work on the Vita then it'll blow open the door for FPS games on portables. I'm not a Sony fan, but I've enjoyed their PSP and the Vita looks outstanding, and this is just the game to make me jump on the Vita. Of course I'm gonna wait and see how it plays, here's to hoping it works like it needs to.
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