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Full Version: This "The New 52" DC comics reboot.
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So, last year DC rebooted its universe, with all new stories, characters and all this stuff.

So I used this fresh new start to start reading the new Batman comics (IMO the only truly cool DC hero, along with some of his bat-mates). I read issues #1 through #5 and am really surprised to see new villains (Court of Owls) debuting and the impact they have in all Gotham's and Bruce Wayne's storyline. I can't help it but buying more and more issues on ComiXology to know what's going to happen next!

So, I want to know, what do you think about this rebooting thing? Is the DC Universe more interesting now or you'd rather it went back to what it was before? Are the other super-heroes more interesting now (though, I must say, there isn't much you could say to make me like Superman even a little bit)? Did you prefer DC would create new universes to adress inconsistent stories like Marvel does (Marvel Universe happens in Earth-616, Ultimate Universe happens in Earth-1610, where a lot of thing are different and they almost never interact with each other. This way they don't need to reboot everything)?

Also, what the hell are those "New 52"?
After the reboot they completely ruined Red Robin which was my on-going comic. They even ruined his awesome cowl for yet another Robin mask. Uuuugh.

Other than that I have no idea what has been going on since the reboot. Superman got a new costume that I really like, I guess.
Eh, all I care for is Batman and Booster Gold, everyone else is cool, but I'd rather see those two.

Still, my brother usually knows a lot about these comics, so yeah, he'll tell me anything interesting.
Call me noob, but I only knew about Red Robin (and some others from Batman Family) when I started reading these Batman comics. I've googled for the old and new Red Robins, and the new looks cooler IMO. The old one looks just like a ear-less Batman rip-off. The new Red Robin is closer to the "standard" Robin costume. But this is just my opinion.

Superman sure looks cooler with that new costume, but it takes a lot more to make him a better character. All-powerful and invulnerable heroes are so boring!

Is there any other character you recommend I start reading now? The moment is perfect, but I know little of DC Universe and I don't like the more famous heroes, so I have to go for the least known ones.
Batman is just the one you have to read, everyone else is alright, but they're not needed, you could start with anybody really, most aren't that great.
I've been pretty disappointed with 52 so far. There's been a few good reads like Batgirl and Green Lantern...nothing else.
Finished downloading everything since the New 52 reboot....what should I start besides batman? (Almost want to save it for last so there is more issues.)
Aquaman is the best DC hero !

also i think the reboot is a good thing for new people who want to get into the comics
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